Proposal Composing becomes much easier, more effective, and more successful when you follow some simple pointers your English instructor forgot to tell you.


Your Topic Sentence is your very first paragraph.

Your very first paragraph is your Topic Sentence.

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Forget what your English instructors said. You are composing a business document, not a term paper.

This becomes much more important in Proposal Writing.


That Topic Sentence has five tasks to carry out.

The Topic Sentence should:

  • Present your understanding of your customer's objectives
  • Produce interest in your method to their needs
  • Develop a favorable working relationship
  • Narrow the scope of the job
  • Act as an Executive Summary


If you can effectively finish the first four tasks of a Topic Sentence, you instantly achieve the fifth job. By reading your Topic Sentence, your readers will choose if they are going to check out the remainder of the file, pass it to somebody more carefully lined up with the job, or decline it as not able to satisfy their requirements.

Proposal composing uses Topic Sentences in three parts

1. Transmittal Letter (When required)
2. Executive Summary
3. Paragraphs presenting new areas

If you can produce an effective Topic Sentence using one sentence, do so.


Now that your Topic Sentence has your readers hooked, you now carry on to the Body of the proposal.

The Body of a proposal consists of the details your readers or critics wish to see. Here, they anticipate information, graphics, and descriptions. Your second paragraph would then rationally follow the claim you made in your Topic Sentence.


You might have 10 sentences worth of info.

Huge offer!

Your readers emotionally and unconsciously do not want them.



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It is only after you've done all the other steps that you'll be ready to start preparing yCaleb Kimbrough, which is where the real work starts. It is only after you've done all the other steps that you'll be ready to start preparing yCaleb Kimbrough, which is where the real work starts.

You have to invest a lot more time now preparing how you're going to market your offerings, negotiate your sales and provide your services or products. As a professional photographer your options are practically unrestricted so it's essential that you take your time to be clear on your business design so you can concentrate on the best options for that and prevent the diversion of aiming to do a lot of things at the same time.

Executive Summary

Transmittal Letter (When required)

Paragraphs presenting new areas

Your very first paragraph and your Topic Sentence need to only be two sentences, maximum.

That's where you show to the readers or critics that your
Proposal will far surpass their expectations.

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